Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Refashion #5 - The Brown Polo

After the success with my initial smocking project I decided to make another project that involved smocking.

I took an XXL brown polo I picked up at the thrift store.

very nice men's polo

I cut off the top of the shirt just under the arms.

the stripes came in very handy when cutting :)
 Then I took my seam ripper & removed the what was left of the little pocket.

no need for that pocket any more
 Then I smocked the top & made a super cute skirt!

what a cute skirt! and it's crazy comfy!

It can be worn at the waist or on the hips, I personally prefer it on the hips.

love it!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Refashion #4 - The Khaki T-Shirt

So I found this very blah khaki/tan men's t-shirt at the thrift store for $.50, it's was an XXL so I knew I could figure out something to do with it.

blah, blah, blah

First I decided to cut to off the sleeves & cut the off the top just under the neckline. I pinned the open seams where I cut off the sleeves.

still pretty  blah
So then I was completely at a loss with what to do next, but I had seen this fantastic tutorial for smocking from Pretty Ditty so I thought I would try it & now I want to smock everything!!!

I took in the sides about 2", then I smocked the top, then I decided to smock a low waist & now I have a great little number that can be worn with capris or leggings or used as a bathing suit cover-up.

so much better!
I can't wait to make a few more of these in different colors!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Refashion #3 - The Purple T-Shirt

This purple long sleeve t-shirt was handed down to me, I've had it for, oh, about 3 years & have never worn it. It's pretty shapeless & boring, besides, I don't wear many long sleeve shirts, I like to layer.

So I thought it could make a great refashion.


I started off by cutting off the long sleeves, after I cut the first sleeve off I folded over the shirt, lined up the seams & cut the second sleeve.

my flash is being all wonky today
After the sleeves were cut I gave them a small hem, even though stretch jersey doesn't fray, it does roll a lot so I wanted to clean them up just a bit. I also took in both sides about 5/8" so that it was more fitted & less boxy.

I decided this shirt needed some character so I added a cinched area to the right side, this is really easy to do. Take a rectangle of fabric from the cut off sleeve (mine was 6" tall & about 4" wide) & pin into place along the bottom seam where you want the cinch to be, mine was next to the side seam. Sew 3 rows of stitches from top to bottom, now you have 2 tubes that you run your tie through, my tie was some lime green stretch jersey I had lying around & I wanted to add a pop of color to this blah shirt.

I had to make this picture b&w because the seams weren't showing up
cinched & tied
Now it's a cute, trendy, short sleeve summer top, I can't wait to wear it!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Refashion #2 - Handkerchief Skirt to Shirt

So I found this uber cute handkerchief skirt at the thrift store & fell in love with it, one problem, it was a size 5, which I am not, but I couldn't pass it up. I decided I would turn it into a shirt with short dolman sleeves.

too small for a skirt, but...
Here's a close up of the bottom details, there's hand sewn gold sequins!

I always take before & after pictures, but completely forget to take during pics!

Anyway, I cut out a side zipper & then I cut off the waist band, I measured in 13" from the bottom side seams (the bottom is going to become the top) & sewed a 2" inch seam on each side, this gave a me a neckline.

this is the 2" seam that is 13" in from the outer seam
 I then sewed shut the bottom seam (which is now the neck) about 2" in from each the side seams & opened an 8" long armhole from the edge of the side seam down.

the armhole
I put it on as a top & suddenly realized it was going to be too short & I'm definitely not a crop top wearer. I pondered a bit & then I remembered I had a scrap piece of stretch knit that was the same beautiful turquoise! So I added a wide stretch knit band to the bottom & it looks fantastic!

modeled on my new dress form, woohoo!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Refashion #1 - Kimono Tunic Dress

Here is a muumuu/housecoat I picked up for a $1 at a thrift store.

I immediately saw potential in this one :)
It has this really fantastic kimono-like fabric so I immediately thought of turning it into a shorter kimono tunic dress.

This beauty had a front zipper that went down about 3/4 of the length, so I removed the zipper with my seam ripper (sorry, didn't get a picture of that..) & resewed the seam, taking it in a few inches, then I cut off 11 inches of fabric off the bottom.

bye, bye
I also took in each side seam 2 inches (once again no picture of that, I need to remember to take more pictures) then I gave the bottom a 1/2 inch seam which brought the length up to just above the knee & tada!

from dumpy & frumpy to super cute!

Hi there!

I'm a long time sewer, but a new refashioner, I'm using this blog to share my refashions, enjoy!